At North East Concrete we take great pride in providing exceptional quality Macadam for your road surfacing and repair needs.

Why choose Macadam?

Macadam is a very hard wearing surface, specifically designed to provide longevity. It consists of layers of crushed stone with a tar binder pressed to a smooth surface. It is often thought to be the cheapest method of surfacing because of it’s suitability for areas to be trafficked by vehicles, such as drives and forecourts, and can also be used for paths. The uppermost surface of Macadam can be ‘coloured’ by using a coloured binder or by incorporating coloured, coated chippings into the mix.

In general, all Macadam should be machine-laid, except where it would be impossible or impractical to use such machinery. Our experts will ascertain the most appropriate laying method to use.

Macadam, like any surface, will not last forever. However, at North East Concrete we ensure that a sound sub-base is used, with a good depth of Macadam laid in the correct manner. This helps to extend its lifespan as long as possible. We never carry out resurfacing or repair work if we are not entirely satisfied that the sub-base used is completely sound.

To find out more about Macadam surfacing, talk to one of our professional advisers today on 0191 229 0015. Our friendly advisers will make sure you only use the right amount needed to minimise wastage, without the stress and worry of any expensive delays.